Bring Me A Boy: Meeting The Boy (Marco Napoli and Daniel Hausser)

There is a new site in town, and Marco Napoli has already registered as a member. So has his buddy Dave London. The site? Bring Me a Boy. It’s purpose? Think Delivery Dudes, but for Daddies… and they do NOT deliver food! On this site, lecherous older men can order a pretty young thing, like Daniel Hausser. The boy is then dropped off at their doorstep for Daddy to do whatever he wants. As Marco Napoli explains why he is distracted, Daniel comes bounding up the driveway like a puppy.

The boy is surprised to see both Daddies there, but who will have him first? Marco pulls Daniel Hausser aside to a private alcove. There, Daddy and boy explore each other as they work towards the one thing Marco wants most… boy hole. The hung, hairy Daddy fucks the blond bottom bareback, bending the boy into all sorts of positions. And as Daddy overpowers his new kid, he spews an enormous load all over Daniel’s ass, sliding back home and seeding him the way a boy should be seeded.


Watch Marco Napoli fuck Daniel Hausser at Bring Me A Boy