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Joe Parker fucks Adam Star’s boy ass

Joe Parker fucks Adam Star

We have a furry surprise for our members this week on Men Over 30. We’re sure many will be pleased to see, none other than, studly Joe Parker back in the house. Joe’s playmate today is a new face by the name of Adam Star. Joe comes home real quick and doesn’t have much time but knows he promised Adam some lunch. He drops the take out bag and pulls down his pants. “You wanna get busy real quick?” he grins as Adam gets on his knees.

Joe’s fat cock gets hard in Adam’s mouth as he gets all that dick down his throat. Joe’s moaning in ecstasy as he watches Adam go to town on his thick meat. Joe then decides he could use that tongue elsewhere as he turns around and presents the next course-tossed salad. Adam dives right into that hairy ass tongue first making Joe writhe with pleasure.

Joe then turns back around and puts his dick back in that mouth so he can get rock hard for what’s next on the menu. He bends Adam over the couch and slides his thick cock inside as Adam moans for more. “Who’s your bitch!?” Adam whimpers as Joe’s thick cock stretches that hole wide open. Joe takes that ass doggy style burying his dick deep inside.

Joe then gets Adam on his back and slides his pole back into that submissive holemissionary. Adam is moaning and groaning as he gets that ass pumped. Adam is now sitting on and riding Joe’s cock. They make out as Joe bounces that hot boy hole on his fat meat.

That cock is getting milked by that tight hole and his balls are beginning to feel that familiar tingle. He lays Adam back and pulls out wanting to bust his nut all over his face. Adam closes his eyes and braces for his reward as Joe jacks off his thick nut all over Adam’s pretty face leaving it a glazed mess.

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Spencer Reed fucks JP Dubois

Spencer Reed fucks JP Dubois

Hotel manager JP Dubois is at the end of his young tether. Everything is going wrong around his reception and tough daddy Spencer Reed is called in to save the day. Bursting from his work shirt, this musclebound brute catches a glimpse of JP and instantly recognizes him from his past. JP’s not so quick off the mark and needs a sudden, hard but passionate kiss from this hairy devil to remind him exactly what his priorities should be.

Soon servicing his thick cut cock, JP is gagging on his old friend’s shaft, getting this lad rock hard in the process! The camera definitely loves Spencer, and his perfectly formed pecs and torso, hidden mostly under a hot fuzz of fur work themselves hard as our top daddy plunges that immense dick into a waiting JP, leaving his sore and gaping, and both guys completely empty of spunk, splashing JP’s face nicely in man juice!

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New site alert: Dads fuck Lads

New dads fuck lads site has been launched

Two big names in the gay porn business, have teamed up to create a very interesting site. Gunzblazing and FreshSX have worked very closely to produce the content for Dads fuck Lads, a brand new age gap porn site.

New content has been added during the past few months and the site is ready for the big launch now. If that’s not enough, members get free access to and bonus cams.

Check it out at Dads Fuck Lads

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Ben (49) fucks Cameron (21)

Cameron is a 21 year old boy from Ohio. He has a thing for older men and Ben’s gonna give him exactly what he needs: a good long fuck from an older guy! Cameron is all horned up and sucks Ben’s cock like he will never get a dick again in the rest of his life.  After blowing Ben’s dick, he gets his ass rimmed by Ben. He loves that tongue up his ass and begs Ben to lick him faster and deeper.

As soon as Cameron’s ass is wet enough, Ben sticks his cock deep inside Cameron’s hungry asshole. He fucks the younger dude in many different positions. When Cameron lays on his back, he shoots a thick load of cum – still having Ben’s dick burried deep in his boy hole. Then it’s Ben’s turn to shoot his load and cover the boy in sperm.

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Dick (42) fucks Sam (21)

Sam has a weak spot for older men and we happen to have the perfect match for him. We sent Sam into Dicks office and before you could snap your fingers they were all over each other. Cuddling, stroking, sucking and foremost fucking. Dick sure made Sam’s week and we’re pleased to say we got one hell of a tape.


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Shane’s first silver daddy

Damon sneaks in and finds Shane sound asleep. He can’t resist the urge and finds himself rubbing Shane’s body. Shane wakes up and at first tries to stop the advance of an older man. Soon though he is enjoying a mature cock sucking and before he knows it, he has a thick older penis inside him.

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