Troy Halston fucks Tyler Sweet’s twink ass

Troy Halston fucks Tyler Sweet

The Proverbial Prince of Porn is back in the flesh as Troy Halston makes his triumphant return to Men Over 30. Today West Virginia’s most infamous son, Troy will help us welcome Tyler Sweet into the ‘MenOver30-by-injection’ Club. Troy is home reading as Tyler comes over looking for his daughter. Troy puts down his book and tells Tyler his daughter is out with her mom for a while so maybe they should sit back and get to know each other better.

Troy shakes his hand but never really let’s go of it. He inches closer to Tyler as he starts to undo his shirt. He puts Tyler’s hand on his chest and reaches over to start rubbing his. “Ever played with a man before?” Troy asks as Tyler shyly follows his lead.

Troy drops his own pants and gives Tyler his first taste of man meat. Tyler opens wide and takes to it as Troy’s cock grows rock hard in his mouth. “What do you think about me sticking my fat cock in that sissy ass of yours?” Troy taunts. Troy then turns him around to inspect his sweet ass. Troy sticks his finger inside as Tyler winces in pain.

When he’s ready he starts to slide that cock inside as Tyler grunts in pain. Troy tells him to relax as he starts picking up the pace, fucking that ass deep. Tyler then sits on his cock and starts to ride that daddy dick as Troy tells him to bounce on his meat and make him feel good.

Tyler’s cock is throbbing as Troy pounds his boy hole. Tyler can’t hold back any longer as Troy fucks the cum out of him. Troy then pulls out and unloads all over Tyler’s cum covered cock.

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Joey Hill fucks Alexander Summers

Joey Hill fucks Alexander Summers

Joey Hill was almost 40 before Alexander Summers even popped out into the world, never mind appeared in porn, but that doesn’t stop this old soldier from making the very most of this unlikely encounter. In fairness, Hill probably couldn’t quite believe his luck when teamed up with the cute, lithe Summers – after all, what “granddad” would ever be expected to be given the chance to suck and fuck the life out of a boy who’s a third his age? – but in terms of kink alone this is a must-see escapade.

To his utter credit, Hill proves with unquestionable relish that there’s life in the old dog yet; though predictably it’s the blue-eyed youngster who gives the greatest energy to the scene, and who ultimately provides the most memorable money-shot, as he squirts the contents of his young balls over Hill’s wrinkled face. In short, a definite winner for those who like their action to be less youthful vanilla, more vintage perversion!

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Anthony Mose abused by the Parole Officer

Anthony Mose abused by a parole officer

Anthony Mose served 7 days in a county jail for repeated marijuana possession charges. Soon after his first Parole meeting, Officer Thompson threatened to return him to prison on false drug trafficking allegations. Mose had to choose between a two year prison sentence or getting fucked by his Parole Officer!

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New site alert: Dads fuck Lads

New dads fuck lads site has been launched

Two big names in the gay porn business, have teamed up to create a very interesting site. Gunzblazing and FreshSX have worked very closely to produce the content for Dads fuck Lads, a brand new age gap porn site.

New content has been added during the past few months and the site is ready for the big launch now. If that’s not enough, members get free access to and bonus cams.

Check it out at Dads Fuck Lads

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Jessie Alan fucks Jake Lyons

Jessie Alan fucks Jake Lyons

“You make a grown man cry” Six simple words sung over and over by the Rolling Stones that seem to be a fitting theme song for this week’s episode on Circle Jerk Boys. Oh yes, the 23 year old Florida native that packs a beer-can thick 9″ monster cock and goes by the name of Jessie Alan is back!

Jessie is every size queen’s wet dream and this hung top boy’s been known to make several grown men cry (for all the right reasons). Today, to do a LOT more than swoon at the sight of that big dick is Jake Lyons. Jake is reading in the couch when Jessie walks in and decides he has a better idea. He takes the book out of his hand and undoes his jeans and shows Jake just what he has planned. You don’t have to ask Jake twice as he starts tonguing Jessie’s tight red briefs.

Sure enough one minute he’s licking cotton the next he’s licking uncut Florida meat. Jake is soon getting that pretty face of his fucked by Jessie and that monster meat. Jake isn’t one to complain. Jessie then returns ! the favor as he starts sucking on Jake’s uncut cock. He expertly licks and sucks on the foreskin before taking it deep into his mouth. Jake gets so turned on he’s soon back on his knees with more than a mouthful of Jessie to savor.

All this attention is getting Jessie horny for more than that beautiful mouth. He gets up and puts Jake on all four as he samples what’s next. Jake groans in ecstasy as Jessie starts to eat that sweet ass of his. He gets that tight ass wet and ready for a proper fucking. Jake’s ass is ready and is soon getting pounded. Jessie fucks him doggie as Jake scrambles to accommodate every delicious inch he’s taking. Jessie then puts Jake on his back and slides back inside missionary getting that dick even deeper.

He pins Jake down, holding him in place by the back of his knees. He ain’t going anywhere. Why would he? Soon Jessie starts to feel that familiar tickle and pulls out as they stroke off side by side. Jessie is the first to nut as he pumps his load out all over his inked navel; Jake’s not far behind as he too coats himself in white cream!

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Preston Steel fucks Trevor Bridge

Preston Steel fucks Trevor Bridge

The 33 year old Preston Steel and 22 year old Trevor Bridge are the only two gay guys at their office, which is the perfect excuse for an office hookup! These two clearly love having cock in their mouth because they swap oral eagerly. They only pick up the pace as the masculine Preston sinks his dick into Trevor’s ass. Preston keeps up a fast pace until he fucks the cum right out of Trevor and pulls out to shoot his own load. Trevor is a true power bottom and wants to try everything. I can only hope he tries it all on camera!

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Phillip Ashton fucks Adam Russo’s daddy hole

Phillip Ashton fucks Adam Russo

We all know money talks, now more than ever. And it’s surprising what you can get for a little “financial lubrication” these days, as you’ll see from this hot fuck from Bang Me Sugar Daddy!

Adam Russo is the handsome and hairy muscle hunk playing the role of the gay sugar daddy offering the sweet and sexy boy Phillip Ashton a healthy tip. When I say tip, I mean the money – at first! Young Phillip Ashton feels a little wrong taking so much money from the guy for just a delivery, so Adam decides to make him feel like he’s earning it a little more by giving him another tip too – the tip of his long and luscious meat stick!

I don’t think young Phillip is too put out by the suggestion from our gay sugar daddy. In fact, the way he gets on that cock and starts sucking the precum from it I think he’d be happy to do all of this for nothing!

The hunky Adam offers the same back too, sucking that young cock into his throat and teaching the boy what a real blowjob feels like before he’s back inside that youthful mouth and face fucking the boy, his big swinging balls bouncing against Phillip’s chin as his long inches piston in and out of that wet sucking mouth.

But that’s not all Adam has to offer to sweeten the deal and he’s quickly offering his experienced daddy hole for the young guy to slide his shaft into.

I’m pretty sure the young lad wasn’t expecting to be fucking a hot ass like this when he was walking up to the door, but as he slides his cock into that daddy hole and really starts fucking that gay sugar daddy ass he definitely seems at home.

After building up so much cum to squirt, Phillip Ashton slides his shaft free of that snug daddy hole and the two watch each other as they stroke their meat side-by-side on the couch, each of them unloading and splashing their thick wads of ball juice out to end their hot fuck!

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