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Spanking a hot twink ass

Spank This

After some probing questions, Sterne finds out that Felix has never been disciplined, and is not taking life seriously. He resolves to spank that smirk right off of Russo’s face. The cute latin twink realizes that Sterne’s not messing around when he brings out the paddle, and the pain sets in.

Pulling down Felix’s pants we see that his ass is already rosy red from the hard slapping, but Sterne’s not done yet. After some begging and pleading, the master disciplinarian continues the spanking punishment, and doesn’t let up until he’s sure the twinks ass is sore enough to remember.

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Young boys get their asses spanked

Principal Wood has returned to Spank This to spank some skinny boy asses. Skyelr and Kyle have skipped some lessons and as a punishment they get their asses spanked real good. Even when their butts are red and glowing, principal Wood continues to spank the poor boys.

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