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Twink gets fucked by his Teacher

Mr. West caught Jeff sleeping in the back of the school during classes. Jeff who was neck deep in trouble already asked West to forgive him. West unzipped his pants, pointed at his cock and said “you got to earn it”. Grabbing Jeff’s head and pushing it onto his hard dick, Mr. West starts to give Jeff a lesson in male sex. He fucks the school boy in various positions and the covers him in hot cum!

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Adam gets fucked by his teacher

Danny sure is an easy target. After Mr. Martinez got his hands on his tight ass he send him over to Mr. Owens for what turns out the be part two of the male sex course. Danny will pass easily this year as every male teacher is getting a piece of his ass. Watch how Owens demands Danny to suck him off, throwing him on the desk afterwards and pounds his incredibly tight ass. This scene is to hot to skip!


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