Straight boy examined by gay Doctor

Gay doctor does a medical inspection on a straight boy

After a long day at the clinic, I was definitely ready to call it a day. I had one more patient to see today and his name was Justin. I figured he’d be a regular run of the mill boy, but when I stepped into the room it turned out I was way wrong. He was a cute straight boy with a lean thin frame. I could already feel the dirty thoughts spinning and churning inside my head. I went into doctor mode and asked him a series of questions.

Apparently this handsome twink is a freshman and he dreams of being on the soccer team and he needed a physical to get on the team. I loved the fact these boys have to go through me to get to their dreams and I love making them work for it. I did the regular routine of say “Ahhh”, follow the light, cough and my favorite “Please remove all your clothing“.

Once he was naked I put a thermometer in his ass and let it slide in a little, the ultimate goal was to get a couple of fingers in this guys ass. I removed the thermometer and told the kid I was going to check his prostate, I lubed up his ass and slowly sank a finger into his tight little hole. He groaned as I put my finger all the way inside his ass, I could feel the precum leaking out of my cock.

I started to finger fuck Justin really good, I had him turn over as I jerked him off and sank my fingers deep in his ass. I was working him over just jacking away on his dick and stretching his hole with my fingers till he finally started to bust one hell of a load. I knew I did a job well done and gave Justin the A-Okay for his physical.

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