Blowing a hairy straight man

New York Straight Men

Meet Vicent! (Not Vincent). He is a native born New Yorker of Spanish parents ( Not really Spanish they are from the Catalan region of Spain). Vicent is in his early 40’s and works as a bartender in a large NYC night club. He was married twice, during that time he worked construction for a forrmer father-in-law. Vicent is a “player”….a hot blooded ladies man.

He has a FAT hairy cock and he loves getting it sucked. He can’t always find a female mouth that can accommodate his huge cock. So as any horny Latin guy would do,  he lets occasional guys suck him off, provided they can fit it all in their mouth and throat.

Trey couldn’t wait to service this hairy muscular man. Vicent was really looking forward to an amazing blowjob after all the hype we told him about Trey’s cocksucking skills. Vicent kicked back and enjoyed the blowjob.

He sat down and spread his muscular legs and invited Trey to get down on his knees between them. He was driven wild by Trey’s mouth…when he couldn’t take it anymore, he stood up, ordered Trey to keep sucking, looked right down at his own personal cocksucker and shot his load all over him!

Download the full video at NYSM

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